How do I create and send a brand new document?

Upload a document

  1. Click on 'New Document', and then 
  2. 'Upload new document'
  3. Browse to the file you want to upload and 
  4. click 'Open' to upload it.

Once you've uploaded your document, you will be taken to a new page titled 'Set up document'. 

Update the Document Name

This document name will populate the signature request email subject line.

Tell us who needs to sign

Enter the details of each signer (including yours, if you will also be signing the document). To add more signers click on '+Signer'.

  • If you will be pre-signing the document before sending it out for signature, you do not need to add yourself as one of the signers.

Signing Order

Signers can sign in one of two orders:

  • sequentially (receive the signature request email one after the other) or 
  • concurrently (receive the signature request email at the same time). 

By default, the signers will sign in the order that they appear, unless you set it up otherwise.

Signing OTP

Signers can either sign with one or two-factor authentication.

  • One-factor only requires their email address.
  • Two-factor requires their email address and mobile number. 
    • A one-time pin will be sent to the mobile number when they access the document link to sign.

CC Recipient

Similar to the 'CC' functionality in everyday emails, a ' CC recipient' is anyone (in addition to the signers and document owner) that needs to receive a copy of the final confirmation email with the signed documents - they will not be involved in the signing process but rather only receive the final email.

Document settings

Should there be any customisation you wish to add to the document, you can do so using the document settings.

Set up signature spaces on the document

Beneath the signer details and document settings you’ll see a preview of the document. 

  • You can add fields on the document by clicking on the field type on the toolbar and clicking where you'd like it to appear on the document.
  • A menu will open below the field, allowing you to:    
    • assign it to a signer - a signer can only complete fields that have been assigned to them
      • Any field that needs to be pre-populated (and not edited by the signer) must be assigned to 'Me(Now)'
    • indicate whether it is required, 
    • change the field type or, 
    • insert any help text. 
  • For any fields that need to use the same information, use 'Field Replication'.

Request Signatures

When your setup is complete, click ' Request Signatures' to send the document off for signature.

If you see the following errors:

  • "There are signature fields that have not been assigned" - check the document carefully to make sure that all fields have all been assigned a signatory.
  • "There are self-assigned fields that haven't been completed. Please complete these fields" - check that any required 'Me(Now)' assigned fields have been completed.

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