How do I create and send a brand new document?

Upload a document

Click on New Document, and then Upload new document. Browse to the file you want to upload and click to open it.

You’ll be taken to a new page titled Set up document. You can change the Document name that will appear to signers.

Tell us who needs to sign

Enter the details of each signer, in the order that they need to sign. Click on +Signer to add more signers.

Set up the places they need to sign and other fields to be filled

Beneath the signer details and document settings you’ll see a preview of the document. You can add fields by simply clicking where the field should appear. A menu will open below the field, allowing you to assign it to a different signer, indicate whether it is required/mandatory, and change the type of field. 

Request Signatures

When your set up is complete, click the button at the top of the page to send the document to the first signer.

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