Document / Template settings

Any customisation you wish to add to a document or template can be done using the document / template settings.

Please note:

  • Any settings configured on a template will apply to the documents created using that template. 

Click 'Document / Template settings' to open the settings.

  • "Require one-time pin before signing/viewing" - Enables two-factor authentication (a one-time pin sent to their mobile number in addition to the signature request email) for signing or viewing the document (recommended)
  • "Sequential signing (signers sign in order) - Allows you to set the signing order to either sequential (receive the signature request email one after the other) or concurrent (receive the signature request email at the same time).
  • "Hide contact info in audit trail" - Allows you to hide the signers' contact information (email address and mobile number), such that they aren't identifiable in the Audit Trail.
  • "Exclude me from final document email" - Allows you to add / remove yourself (the document owner) from receiving the final confirmation email when the document is signed.
    • You can log in to check the status of and download the document (when it's complete) whenever you need to.
  • "Use signing wizard when signing" - Allows you to add / remove the step-by-step signing wizard, which guides the signer through the signing process.
  • "Signers can click once to insert initials on all pages" - Allows the signer to initial an entire document without having to manually initial every page - they just initial once
  • "Signers can click once to insert signatures on all pages" - Allows the signer to sign an entire document (where their signature is required more than once) without having to manually sign at every point
  • "Signer attachments visible to all signers" - Allows you to make any supporting documentation uploaded on the 'File' upload field, during the signing process, available to the rest of the signers
    • By default only the document owner can see supporting documentation uploaded on the 'File' upload field
  • "Signatures signers can use" - Allows you to to restrict the signature-type options available to signers when signing the document to add their signature using one of three available methods. You are able to restrict certain methods of signing if you wish.
  • "Email messages" - Allows you to customise the message in the signature request email sent to your signers.
  • "Notifications and reminders"
    • Notifications allow you to get notified of certain events on a document. 
    • Reminders are emails sent to signers, after a certain amount of time, to remind them to sign the document (or the document owner to finish the setup of a document). 
      • These can be edited, updated and deleted as you need. 
  • "Where to go after signing?" - Allows a redirect from our standard 'thank you for signing' page to any URL of your choosing, once the signer has completed the signing process.
  • "Choose branding" - Allows you to link any branding themes you have setup in the workspace, to the document's signature request email.
  • "Need this to be a reusable form?" - Allows you to make a document a form, so that you can circulate a reusable link for signers to initiate the signing process themselves as opposed to you having to login to send the document(s) to them
    • Anyone with the link can complete the document(s) the link originates from.
    • Can also be used on your website to launch the document.

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