Branding setup

To setup your basic email branding you need to first create a workspace.

Please note:

  • Branding cannot be duplicated across workspaces as workspaces are independent of each other, so for every workspace you create, you will need to setup the corresponding branding.
  • Each workspace can have more than one branding theme setup.

Once you have your workspace created:

  1. Click on 'Workspace Admin' and then
  2. click on 'Branding' to create your theme.
  3. Give your theme a name then click 'Create'.
  4. Click 'Upload email header' to upload your logo.
  5. Amend the button, button text, email background as well as email text colour to suit your corporate branding then click 'Save'.

Once you've created your branding, you then need to link it to your documents.

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