QuicklySign's electronic signatures

Amongst many other things, with QuicklySign's electronic signature you can:

  • Reduce your turnaround times for getting documents signed
  • Reduce your count of unsigned documents, by virtue of waiting for their delivery
  • Get documents signed from anywhere at any time
  • Ensure that your documents are secure and legally binding

How do QuicklySign's electronic signatures work?

There are 3 ways to create an electronic signature using QuicklySign:

  • Draw your signature using your computer mouse or touchpad, or your finger when signing on your mobile touchscreen device
  • Take a photo of your signature using your smartphone or camera and upload it to QuicklySign
  • Type your name in a stylised font

Is QuicklySign reliable enough for all documents?

QuicklySign is reliable enough for most documents and agreements. Unfortunately, we don't know what a South African court will deem reliable enough authentication for a particular document. There has been no reported case law in this country about what our judges have decided is required when identifying the signatory for a particular document.

However, email authentication is an internationally accepted means of checking that people are who they say they are. QuicklySign is following international standards and there is a strong chance that a South African court will find that the way it authenticates signatories is reliable enough for most documents.

QuicklySign's email and mobile authentication is reliable enough for:

  • lease agreements
  • sale agreements
  • company administration documents (like resolutions and share certificates)
  • employment contracts
  • insurance documents
  • • and any other documents where standard levels of authentication are generally used

You should not use QuicklySign or any other ordinary online electronic signature solution to sign the following documents because they have special signature requirements:

  • credit agreements
  • • agreements for the sale of land or buildings
  • • any document where you have agreed to another type of signature
  • • any document where a particular type of signature is required by law
  • • or any document where a signature is required by law for the transaction to be valid

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