Can I send multiple documents to a signer at once, or do I need to send them individually?

Yes, you can send multiple documents to a signer at once.

If you have a pack of related documents that you would like to send together to the same signer(s), you can set them up as a 'document pack'. These will be sent as one signature request, that will require each signer to complete each document on which they have been assigned fields.

Please note:

  • All the signers will be able to see all the documents, whether they need to sign all of them or not.
  • Once all the signers have completed the document pack, they will all receive copies of all the documents via the confirmation email as normal. 

Begin by uploading one of the documents, then click 'Upload new document' to add the additional documents.

Document pack order

Should you wish to have your signers go through the documents in the pack, in a particular order, you can reorder the documents by simply clicking and dragging.

Master Template

If you are creating a template pack with multiple documents, and do not always send every document in every signing request, you can still create your template pack with all the possible documents you may send together and simply delete the irrelevant documents when you use the template.

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