Is there an easy way to send the same document out many times?

Yes! Saving a document as a template allows you to define signer roles instead of entering names and emails of specific signers at set up. A role could be something like “Tenant” on a lease, or “Applicant” on an application form. The fields in the document are allocated to these roles, so you only need to set them up once. The details of individual signers would be entered each time you re-use the template.

If you need to make small changes each time you send the template - for example, to state the monthly rental on a standard lease - you can do this by adding fields that are assigned to “Me(now)”: this means that you would be prompted to fill in these values prior to sending it to the signers.

Each time you send a template to a new signer, or signers, a new document is generated which will appear under the Documents tab.

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